An urban sculpture designed by Ana Carreras as a modern abstract interpretation of the first known architectural structure in human history, the “dolmen”.

The installation, primarily made of solid aluminium sculpted to shape, with inserts of MIRAGE porcelain slabs, is a tribute by Ana Carreras to architecture and design.

It is a modern abstract interpretation of the first known architectural structures in human history. Menhir, Stonehenge, Dolmen, Cromlech or Jentillari are all different denominations of these primal architectural edifices. Scientists are still puzzled at the way these were constructed, and are definitely divided into its purpose, between burial sites, sacred places of worship, and sanctuaries for healing or even observatories for astronomical phenomena. The mystery surrounding them is fascinating and legends have been told into their origin like the myth from the artist’s hometown, Navarra in northern Spain that claims they were built by friendly giants (Jentil or Jentilak).

Located outside the Mirage Dubai Boutique, Megalith is one of the 15 installations of Dubai Design Week 2020. An edition that responds to the needs of a “new normal” period and which will be open until November 14 in the d3 Dubai Design District.

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